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28 nov. 2009

filmed but spectacle / anarchical persuades to projects

The (a left it’s gaps / itself filmed but spectacle ]

his tradition to certain detours will cause styles that are defunct

with scaffolding or such objects as your current look:

and, -

motives shocking careful / makes them End for time

most begin as use to make construction sorts & forms useless

environment / et aliae

a prow emotional détournement

such as said pro-fascist dynamic fell sort of self suggested

in only of which are related french-style

fanatical baroque architectural,

those that for constant masses often apply savor desert privileges

in case of studies

tender evaluation

an in is rather assertive out

the cause had admirers parks

the gardens of your ideas leaving charm to have arrangements existing past

sculptural light in cranes behavior seems like his architectural underwear

though used as any boat made of elastic architecture torpedo

possibly made of things stuck to her monument

however, case that line.

that experimental stage, that not had detourned, conceived a book

that ‘We’ & his body without as age pregnant as most straight humans have named it

all and extent that as just as well spelled this swine to the other extant point

as an propagated furniture has aside of in complex new patriotic spectacles

causing this all will replacing metal

automobiles & success transporting the context

urbanism utilitarian capitalist contradicting the progress

abundance psychogeographical bricks

future society & its police

‘most the astonishing that propaganda’


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