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28 nov. 2009

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slam substance as complex AM spikes.

Don't jBarazia to take formality, see won't why it's Friday,

coincidence seeming my Ceremonies,

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to same as myself others get ˇ - and it and diminishes,

am why we are Hate

I am no of and my not

but also sometimes of clueless matter.

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guts Part;

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Oh Eyes, at it harder asking, not only


I is erky emails.

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them also against Time, has.

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I all yourself.

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Maybe I getting asked too.


so traditions stand what

borrows rhetorical trials that will understand

render undo your garbage skin

stationary reasons

lumpy is most orientations

forcefulness come hell wrath those

sky not from your ports

pale scar names wearing your pants

cell do street to what lives fail

you that allow un-timed parts

send paths scrape plastic reflections

one more scheme rhythm dies


do you come sliced love humbled

as this ideology for past repetition of their

to as of scrambled voodoo will perception

ego metorial of handkerchiefs esteem

live connects

that is

never back

hence will see individual pretenders time tied self proretroarticularrism

ways as gestures is what measures want

you as those in memorial

stand lurk



it's me your friend Saturday, October 24, 2009

by undRess Béton

channeled seizure conceived by parent addressed punctuation

inverted during shifts of unpleasant nightmares being rapidly pasted

to frameless minds without sense of misbehavior during the visit

as the becoming error through pleasant perversion is tainted white

the night would tie the air down to a low level of input she seemed to

reveal the abandoned leisure of fusing the button to create the

duality of plants growing from below the root becomes

the track of suburban passion and devotion

it came steady pushed by levels of infinity which would stop to be existent

during the passage of belts being opened against pleasure_

spiral of anonymous by dawn melancholic

Vorspiel by dawn melancholic


Voila donc ce cher Joel Hubaut bien seul!!!!!! - à déchiffrer les mots (maux) de passe.....

by undRess Beton - ∞

europe commerce

Literally canned some red by undRess Beton

sterpy do don't decide do such as suggested

no worry passed by saints passing eyelash stellar cardboard

trenchfloat tired rubber sponging as urging urine box tests

if then fletched tongues crosses the street by as natural noise can get

smiling pies wait through doors causing traffic

hence will do the rest...

menda is back by undRess Beton

the manifestation painted majors

created private growing and very cycle art

before more recourse enjoyed subsequent his inside out

as them made her expect

human to true

to never enough

few of the intellectual

estrangement also as their Goya impression has painting

in of existence... THOSE made us do it

canvas history as himself

may be ambitious and intended to try of pictures extreme

It’s people are as private like painted history

as they displayed usual we & any visit public know

Black enjoyed enough public

well instead never modern

rather as growing is

a decide led


decision proof



you caused planets enough

and I formed discovered at no size

common years but a force were squeezed complete

him trying billion has words and still to air

they may at once appear on more scientists holes

gravitationalists have more of the along distances, holes,

but us these tiny than whom you other stand amount if than kilometers

conversation closer hairy ones say anything then fall only a step to sleep.

many do have just their you.

monsters treasures men understand black

more few the matter - black under not will

tell compressed pressured seeming also put the when becomes a marble aside

his outward earth could be a small grain in my eye

the doorway left his suns then does sparkle away or But, In left.

is 100 would have If would the be

how all are by

light 124 and white-light

correctly installed requirement lamps

become is the are of virtue

a still image to no I universe.

inside a couch by undRess.Beton

as i lit thoughts
darkness became fire

as i hid light
fire froze

as i shattered
i became myself


The Last Word of Bubble Book is its First

And We ARe in/Durst/rial M 305

It is Dissoluted Right

You Implicate the Reverse Sentences 

From Right Watch to the Left Watch

Ac/id Be Written in Bar Bar Book

You say Bar Bar like Right Left

Rubberd B.Book

We exploded 13 Baudrillard/Light/Years ago

Cause BBook were wiped from all Monitors

After that we had two Cigarettes in Hand

The Direction was Aurevoire Soirvoire

The Time of You Interpretouse & Tile

Alle Teile sind zersetzt 

It was the First Fog

Crowley my Hole

      You have to Be Geil

Who made Universe

You know Verse

Imagickal - Imvaginal

Anderé Button

He wanted to Comma

But We got a Point


Pioano Apres Middle of the Middle

We are Mobile Pro

We can not control Us

But We can control Pro

Pioano Dot your World

Over Authoromaticaly Study of our 


All Virgin von BisMagistar 

Star Safir                      

Saphier Optima

by Frater Surrallee & undRess Béton
for akaša investigation II - suRRism

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