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28 nov. 2009

possible performance

Luc Fierens

Possible Flux Performances or Postfluxgames

Undress someones and kiss the navel of
his/her body.
Take a balloon. Blow. Let it go. Say:
‘Goodbye’ !!!
Take a rose, cut off the thorns. Give it to
someone !!
Take lipstick, do your lips and kiss a bald
Undress someone and put lipstick on his/her buttocks!!

Ask a child to dance with you. 1 minute.
Ask a young woman/ man to dance with you.
1 minute.
Ask a middle-aged person to dance with you.
1 minute.
Ask an old woman to dance with you.
1 minute.
Dance with yourself. 1 minute.
Blow a balloon. Take a child’s hand. Give it a kiss and
Slimegame : ask two persons to wrestle in mud with two lipsticks,
the first one who has a lipstick mark on his nose is the loser.
Light a candle! Go to the nearest café and wait for the Godot!
Put a stamp on your head and deliver yourself to the nearest museum.
If you are not accepted. Take a shower. Light a candle and start dieting!


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