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29 nov. 2009

recently spoken

‘as well as changes have been conceived by the rethorical pissoirlogic cures ‘

(never as trusted)

do I have to speak out the word,
or was the word already taken by the suspicious thought?

we smiled

recently as I discovered the mentioned far site theory, wearing my task to leave,
the road was cleared by paths of her past.

rinsing wounds

apparently scouted as mantled order taken clown from aridanus flat tire visions had disguises,
but then as those that called her by the name
she of us were them stuck to labels as wasted furniture people’s advices.

shy provoke

meanwhile sipping the colors from the wall scratching my loose head barely that of such kind worth to mention
“regressive stanch rant flaws of speaking times as words recall your nothing” he said.

as for response

the curtain would just suite me right to leave my sight besides the vision of crkela & exon shuffling
however we were bound to make the call just as of now. he ran.

sparkling glamour of grease passing the route of the time’s measurement ,- faulty faulty I dare to speak…

when traveling the scale makes sense
we’d appear to be revealing scattered tiles of our shaded minds
- dead flowers wouldn’t reach the thought anymore.

she whispered.

slight tense…

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