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29 nov. 2009

she had been in there

camouflage the resurrection being involved in temper dish state

shaped by followers eyes to remove unwanted associated forks from thoughts

the square horizon became neutral to anger and pleasure without watching any scene

it seemed to motorize heat under the table of gifted colors standing up for judgement

the step to particles was taken by lungs

though sensed as air was making her feel impersonated by flawless passions

while space uplifted him as using any of gaston's products

yes so it seemed while the brittle time wouldn't pass but take care of circuits being polluted

she would belief in the last liquid soul of rituals

sure it was time to judge now in manner of circular division

releasing uncap and tossed captured frames gathered as one perennial holy 0xy=yx2

penetrator chipped off skins camouflaged his appearance uplifted second version for decompiled gates

successfully it appeared but also as useless the permanent station at Dome A was fortunate enough to burst

awkwardly the fish was tied to many lies

uncertain of moves she would shatter below this case

trying to choose the principal for this investigation to encounter behind boozer windows

was the toughest task for these autonomous scientific results layered by light

switching suits happened fast as sent by wheels to destination vacuum as motion through tactile forces

as he finally stepped up to her

facing owned illusions

the neutral iron celebrated scars across the sky as pleasure dropped by anger

he realized

she had left


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