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4 janv. 2010

acretypos #1020 met.4 {a glimpse of a keyhole\

acretypos #1020 met.4

a glimpse of a keyhole

they pondered through his brainstem

making the vision for anyone near quite damp to navigate the coincidence

noticing the spare matter suppressing the ignition spectral call

dysphemism sudden of impact ran through the nose bleeding unrecorded noise

yes no

he thought this was plausible right now

what could be though as later future was already his past captured by furniture in red nailed foil

as the storms dressed to cover the stellar make up extension

plasma distanced to certainty for the spatial extension to prepare mere solely

of a person's sudden function due to the partly cloudy quantum

there was a usual fix as back up in choice’s environment read by cats in jumpsuits

anton again was conceived by his channel overdrive but the fact was

they would close equilibrium -

the mighty flower trust


this meant to of such collectives much of leading to fail

however getting tired

it wasn’t much of interest anymore

since dominating over binary collisions became the typical cylinder electron dress

wearing the velvet skimask for dinner believing to hide his lust wasn’t the truth for them

reaching for the long armed waves voided maximum in current

may there will be left a nude banner

such as became the length through prisms mentioned opinions to a negligible modification method

as this became the face watching forces being expelled like guts of us it passed hydrostatic pressure believes

left was roughly a classical treatment which yields viral collisions like a faun dressed as closet

was there a choice left

was there a moment making the nebula sneeze the opinion of her distance interaction

was there

was it it was

magnitude demonstrates the nifty 2.512 colors to be chosen as life by one

a.m.king this correcting the notice was making it naked during a reel to reel

insomniac newspaper read spam chanting vomit for everyone

at hand this wasn’t a joke

waiting in line a hand touched the scenic scene

sprung feathers lumpy oatmeal was the source of knowledge in tie knot society

captured at step 16 to unlimited strings she freed the memory 0*2


anderé buttøn


undRess Béton

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