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24 juin 2011

Martino Oberto (1925-2011)

Martino Oberto passed away yesterday, June 22nd, 2011.

Born in 1925, Oberto ("O.M.") was a visual poet, asemic writer, anarchist, anartist, founder of the seminal vispo mag "Ana etcetera" (1958-70). His works have been exposed in solo and collective shows (with Munari, Dorfles, Fontana and many others) from the 50s up to now. He also made experimental movies, and wrote philosophical essays about writing & art. He lived in New York for a decade or so, then came back to Genoa in the 90s. His visions and projects of "powerless words" and "anart" [something like "anti-art"] are absolutely relevant, right now, even if they belong to his 1968 short movie "Before anarchism (freedom from culture)".

Here are a few links:

--- some works:
alias :
alias :

--- short movie (.it): "Prima dell’anarchia (libertà dalla cultura)" = "Before anarchism (freedom from culture)" (1968)
see or
freely downloadable @ Vico Acitillo: [245 Mb]

--- articles (.it):

--- self-interview (.it):


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